Discovered: September 5, 2007

Tounce color: Orange

Persanity: Sports

Species: Marker

Food and Drinks: Pizza, soda, and popcorn

Yellow Markers are the second markers to be discovered. There one of the four classic markers is Red, Blue, and Pink Markers.

Yellow Markers are sports players, but wrost juggler. When yellows are bored, they go outside, started jogged, and wearing a sunglasses on top on their cap.

Main CharactersEdit

Yellow chilling out with Brown and Red at the the city. He like Blue little bit, but he always get mad at Blue always get his nerve. Yellow is the roomate of Red and Orange and his house is a House fill with little bird nests. His pets Fuzzies is Yellow, and Green and his Boxies is Red, Blue, and Yellow.


  • Yellow is the first main character to make a tent.
  • He the first main character to have a pet.
  • He one of four markers that have a orange tounge like Red, Green, and Dark Red Marker.

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