Red Marker


Discovered: September 5, 2007

Tounce color: Orange

Persanity: Music Players

Species: Marker

Food and Drinks: Pizza, soda, and chips

Red marker are the music players on Markerland, their one of the four classic color character like Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

Red markers are funny, helpful, playing instunments, and wise marker in Markerland. The most common stuff their playing is instunments that is Rock, Jazz, Blues (Known as Reds), and many different kinds of music.

Main CharacterEdit

Red works at the radio station and his home is yellow roof and black and white spots. His dreams is to want to make his own band, but his friends aren't Red markers. He is the best friends of Blue, and Yellow. The only thing than Red hates is peppers and mushrooms on his pizza.


  • Red is the only marker that hates mushrooms.
  • Red is also won for rockstar awards 10 times.
  • He one of eleventh markers that drives.
  • He one of four markers that have a orange tounge like Yellow, Green, and Dark Red Marker.


Red Marker Icon

A Red Marker Icon

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