Discovered: September 5, 2007

Tounce color: Purple

Persanity: Swimming

Food and Drinks: Nacho chesse

Pink Marker is one of the four classic markers with Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Pink Markers are the first female markers ever to be discovered. Every summer, Pink Markers always goes swimming for freeplay or training. Pink Markers will compete each other at the "Swimming Race Tounerment" every year.

Main CharacterEdit

Pink always hang out in the swimming pool for 11 minutes (14 for Sunday morning). Her home is right close to the pool, but they allowed her to go there. Her house is purple with a giant headband on top.



  • Most the Pink Markers are females, but this is unknown that most of the Purple Markers are male Pink Markers.
  • Pink secert that she got crush by Red

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