Discovered: November 12, 2007

Tounce color: Red

Persanity: Dancers

Species: Marker

Food and Drinks: Fruits and Soda

Orange Marker are cool and chill little guy that the only thing they like to do is dances from disco to techno dancers.

Main CharactersEdit

Orange always walk with his pal Red every Friday and Saturday Brown to the restauant called The Markero . He had to go to sleep at 11:15 pm (Except Tuesday, he sleep at 12:00 am). His house is a giant cola Sodacan buy the fizz act as the roof.


On Novmber 12, 2007 all the orange markers hold on a giant ballons, but after it pop they land in the city.


  • Orange was the last marker to be discovered in 2007.

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