Blue Markers

Discovered: September 5, 2007

Tounce color: Purple

Persanity: Nosy, curious

Species: Marker

Food and Drinks: Corn, soda, and french fries.

Blue Marker are the third marker to be discovered in the beginning of Markerland also their one of four classic markers like Red, Yellow, and Pink

Blue Marker are nosy little felles that only ask a question, but the only afarid is monsters and ghosts. Blue markers use telescope and compass also they use balloons as helicopters.

Main CharacterEdit

Blue Marker however, he ask question to his friends and pets about curious things. Blue Marker lived in Telescope House with brown roof and a giant telescope on top.


  • Blue seen as the only nosy character.
  • He one of six characters that had purple tounce.


Blue Marker Icon

Blue Marker Icon

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